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Flower Shop

An abundance of blooms in January

“What do you have?” That’s a questions some of our customers ask when they call to place an order. The full answer would be a long list, so we usually just respond with a short list. We describe FlowersFlowers as a European style flower shop. What does that mean? It means we have a wide variety of flower types, we sell the […]

Shopping local….what it really means…..

Want to make an impact on your local economy? You can! That’s the main message of The 3/50 Project. The basic numbers are simple, from their website: 3     Select 3 independent brick and mortar businesses you would miss if they disappeared. 50   If half the employed population spent $50 at 3 locally owned independent stores, it would generate […]

We’ve moved!

It’s official……we’ve moved to 1110 Davis Street, and I absolutely LOVE the new space. We’re directly across the street from the main Evanston post office, and we have tons of natural light with a big front window, a wide street in front (with lots of traffic), a busy walking traffic neighborhood (particularly down the block […]