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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your design style?

We specialize in a low, lush, garden design style. We also design flowers in a cleaner, more contemporary look.


  • Do you deliver? What are your delivery areas?

Yes, we have daily deliveries, and the delivery area includes Evanston, Wilmette, Winnetka, and most North Shore suburbs, as well as most areas of Chicago.


  • What flowers do you have in the shop? How will I know what flowers you use in my order?

Our flowers differ from day to day. We generally have hydrangea, roses, callas, orchids, etc., but their varieties and colors are always changing. Depending upon the season, we have ranunculus, tulips, peonies, etc. And, most of our designs include interesting unique textural elements from thistle to berries.


  • Are you a ‘real’ florist in Evanston?

Yes, we are a brick and mortar shop in Evanston, proud to be a local, independent woman owned small business.


  • How long do flowers last? What are longer lasting flowers?

They last anywhere from 3 to 7 days, depending upon the bloom. Longer lasting flowers include roses, calla lilies, and orchids.


  • How quickly do the flowers need to be put into water?

As soon as possible! Flowers require water just like we require air! If you’re picking up a loose bouquet from the shop, you’ll need to keep this water requirement in mind. Having us design an arrangement in a vase is an easy solution. We strongly urge that all deliveries be in a vase vs. a loose bouquet.


  • Are flowers poisonous to pets?

Yes, many flowers are toxic to pets, and it’s best to check with a vet if your pet has eaten your flowers. Additional resources include the following:




  • What is the difference in sizes/price points?

Below is a photo of 3 sample arrangements; $150 for the one on the left (designed in a 6″ cylinder), $100 for the middle one (designed in a 5″ cylinder), and $55 for the one on the right (designed in a 4″ cylinder). Costs are based upon the number of stems used and the specific flowers selected (their individual cost as well as size).