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Writing about Greens

Writing about Greens

While the flower blooms of a floral arrangement are the focus, FlowersFlowers designs using foliage (also known as ‘greens’) as a background and/or accent that make those blooms even more lovely. You may not think about the foliage often, and, sometimes, we don’t even use them in our designs, but when we do, we select carefully which ones will be just right for the arrangement.



Camellia is a fairly stiff and shiny foliage, used for firm structure, as well as accents. In contrast, bupleurum is soft and delicate.


Seeded eucalyptussolid-tree-ivy

Tree ivy

Seeded eucalyptus is a wonderful textured foliage which has both leaves and ‘seeds’.



Tree ivy also known as scrub ivy has beautiful glossy leaves with great small textural ‘pods’. We use both solid green tree ivy and variegated tree ivy.


Tree ivy



Lady’s mantle

Lady’s mantle is a beautiful delicate bright green foliage, particularly pretty accenting delicate flower blooms.

And, though not a ‘traditional’ foliage, at FlowersFlowers, we use seasonal floral product such as blueberry viburnum to accent our flower arrangements.


Blueberry Viburnum