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Icelandic volcanic ash – and flowers!

We’ve heard all the news reports about travelers unable to return home because of the flight cancellations in Europe, but what about the flowers?!?! Those of us who buy flowers flown from Holland are currently unable to receive them! Yes, this may not be the most significant impact from the falling ash, but it’s an example of how interconnected we are with countries all over the world.

“Volcano Illustrates World’s Interconnectedness” by The Associated Press
CHICAGO April 16, 2010, 07:05 pm ET A volcano erupts in Iceland, and the effects ripple around the globe: A mom in Romania frets about making her son’s wedding in Texas. A florist in New York worries shipments won’t arrive. ….The fallout from the ash cloud looming over Europe illustrates just how interconnected our world has become. “

Here’s the Bloomberg report:
Flowers, Fruit Start to Run Short as Volcano Disruption Spreads:

Volcanic ash also impacts Kenya flower growers who ship to Holland auction:

Meanwhile, I await the latest report from my wholesalers, hoping that I’ll soon be able to be well stocked again with all my lovely Dutch flowers!