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Mother’s Day is May 9th!


Here’s a couple of inspirational photos.

Wonderfully fragrant lily of the valley with pink peonies and sweet peas. Delightful!

A spring garden arrangement of lilac, roses, hyacinths, viburnum and ranunculus

Time to start thinking about ordering your Mother’s Day flowers!

September 2009

Labor Day is behind us, and the big, lush, hardy mums in the front of the shop signify that fall is arriving; they’re in shades of burgundies and red, yellows and butterscotch. These plants look perfect in urns in front of your home, or in simple baskets on a front porch.

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting cooler, Mother Nature has made a significant transition from summer flowers to fall flowers. The store is filled with shades of oranges and reds and purples.

The hydrangea colors are in transition from the pure pinks and lavenders to the multi-colored antique varieties. Whether you like greens/reds or blues/purples, there’s sure to be a hydrangea variety to love.

And, did we say BERRIES?!?!? We have rose hips, aronia berries, privet, hypericum, and they vary in shades from chartreuse green to reds and oranges to the color of a blueberry. Many berries have all sorts of health benefits, but these will be beneficial to your decor!
The store is filled with gorgeous bright fall colors….let your senses be delighted with red celosia, orange callas, pink zinnias, and much much more.

As the days get cooler, be sure to bring flowers inside to enjoy!