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Valentine’s Day and its History

Do you know the history of Valentine’s Day?

It’s a good thing we don’t celebrate this holiday in the same way it originated! It’s SO much better to send flowers to those we love.

Here’s the history facts from history.com:  The History Channel: Valentine’s Day history  

And, once you know your history, be sure to order flowers from FlowersFlowers! We have beautiful specials featured, along with the best roses available.

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August 2009

Welcome to the first blog from FlowersFlowers!

Summertime brings the most beautiful Dutch hydrangea to the shop; you’ll see lovely, lush blooms in pinks, lavenders and blues, as well as in antique shades which are almost too gorgeous to describe with their multi colored hues.

In addition to flowers from Holland, at this time of year, we are able to have local Midwest flowers! The local beauties include cranberry viburnum, Annabelle hydrangea, zinnias, salvia, ageratum, and much more, with changes every week, depending upon what the local growers are growing and what’s ready for them to pick.
Our customers are always asking where the flowers come from – and, at this time of year, they truly are arriving from all over the world! The cymbidium orchids are coming from New Zealand, the mokara orchids from Thailand, the dahlias are from California, the roses are from South America.

Whether you’re looking for flowers to brighten your kitchen, to send to your sweetheart, or to make your wedding day memorable, there’s a wide selection to select from in August.

Thank you for joining me in my first blog!