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  • What is your design style?

We specialize in a lush, garden design style. We also design flowers in a cleaner, more contemporary look.


  • Do you have a minimum?

No, we don’t have an overall minimum for a wedding, but each component has minimums.


  • Is there a fee for consultations?

No, the consultation is free of charge, and no obligation.


  • Where is the consultation held?

We hold the consultation meeting at our shop. We’re often able to show you flowers and colors by pulling right from the flowers on hand in the shop.


  • Do you take care of all the set up?

Yes, we deliver all the flowers to ceremony and reception locations, and we set everything up at those sites. And, when there are rented items, we also pick them up.


  • What is the first step to working with FlowersFlowers?

Once you have your wedding date set, along with booked ceremony and reception locations, please give us a call and we can set up an appointment to meet!